The Pirate's Realm - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q- Why a site about pirates?
A- There's been an increase in the popular interest in pirates for several years. Some reasons might include the discovery of pirate ships like the 'Whydah' and the 'Queen Anne's Revenge', and the tremendous success of Disney's 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. My own interest has several factors like a deep interest in history, a love of the sea, a fascination with Golden Age pirates, a desire to write about it, and an enjoyment of telling others.

Q- Can I use you as a source for a book report?
A- Yes! You can cite me as C. Huddle of The Pirate's Realm. My sources are found here: Recommended Reading

Q- Can I copy such-and-such part of your site?
A- You can tell that I try to discourage theft. I didn't copy and paste my way into this site. I researched and then put it into my words. But real thieves don't ask first, so ask me what part and we'll discuss possible terms.

Q- My last name is (insert pirate's surname here). How can I tell whether I'm related to _________.
A- I usually refer people to or

Q- Is your site for sale?
A- Perhaps, if you can guess my yearly revenue, add 20%, and multiply by 10.