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Pirate's Realm logo,emmanuel wynne, emanuel wynne, emmanuel wynn p>Get your hands on the best pirate books around. No authors were harmed in the making of this list.

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Notable Pirate Books We Recommend-

"Pirates - Terror On the High Seas"David Cordingly (editor)
"Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates" Howard Pyle
"Under the Black Flag" and: "Pirates: Fact and Fiction" David Cordingly
"Pirates of the Carolinas" Terrance Zepke
"A General History of the Pyrates" (original 1724) Capt. Johnson (Daniel Defoe)
"The Pirate Prince: Discovering the Priceless Treasures
of the Sunken Ship Whydah"
Barry Clifford
"The History of Pirates" Angus Konstam
"Robinson Crusoe" Daniel Defoe
"Blackbeard the Pirate"Robert E. Lee
"The Pirate's, a Who's Who" Philip Gosse
"Captain Mary, Buccaneer" Jacqueline Church Simonds and Beagle Bay Books
"History of the Buccaneers of America" (original 1684) John Esquemeling
"Barbary Legend: War, Trade and Piracy in North Africa, 1415-1830" Sir Godfrey Fisher
"The Pirates" Douglas Botting (The Seafarer's Series of Time-Life)
"Treasure Island" Robert Louis Stevenson
"Jolly Roger - The Story of the Great Age of Piracy" Patrick Pringle
"The Golden Age of Piracy"  and "The Pirates of Colonial North Carolina" Hugh F.Rankin
"Buccaneer Harbor" Peter Briggs
"New England's Pirates and Lost Treasure" Robert Ellis Cahill
"Corsairs of Malta and Barbary" Peter Earle