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The Pirate's Realm

Some of these pirate crews are lookin for new recruits to sign the articles. Some are wanting to book new engagements. Some crews may want to kidnap your younguns and press them into service. Be warned!! Visit a crew's website for more info about its activities and membership requirements.


The Black Gryphon - Ventura, CA
Tales of the Seven Seas - Boulder Creek, CA
Brotherhood of the Black Flag - California
Clan Darksail - Southern CA
Brethren of the Coast - Torrance, CA
Pirates of the Triton - Clovis, CA
Port Royal Privateers - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
HMS Stranglehold - San Diego, CA
House Deterioatta - L.A., CA


The Highland Rogues - Grand Junction, CO


Free Men of the Sea - East Hampton, CT


Pyrates4Patriots - Bear, DE


West Coast Mutineers - Key Colony Beach, FL
Ye Krewe of Sir Henry Morgan - Ruskin, FL
Acme Rogue and Ruffian Recruiters - Dunedin FL
Brothers of the Coasts - Atlantic Beach, FL
Church of the Jolly Roger - Central FL
Fernandina Pirates Club - Fernandina Beach, FL
Pyrates of the Coast - Altamonte Springs, FL
Thee Bleeding Rose - Palm Bay, FL
The Tortuga Mutineers - Key Colony Beach, FL
Pyrates of the Gulf Coast - Bradenton, FL

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The Scallywags - Newton, KS


Merrick's Privateers - Olney, MD
The Pirate Brethren - Elkridge, MD


Rogue's Cove - Las Vegas, NV
Voyage of Reprizal - Las Vegas, NV

New Hampshire-

Captain Morrill's Company - Franklin, NH

New Jersey-

Cloven Nemesis - Hamilton, NJ
The Outlanders - Egg Harbor Township, NJ

New York-

The Maritime Pirates - Long Island, NY
Ye Pyrate Brotherhood - Long Island, NY
Pyrates of the Crimson Blade - Alexandria Bay, NY

North Carolina

Drunken Mariners - Weddington, NC
Shadow Players Stage Combat Group - Raleigh, NC

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The Ladies of the Salty Kiss - Vinita, OK


Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries - Portland, OR


The Juryrig - Southern PA


Texican Privateers - SE TX


Blackbeard's Crew - Chesapeake area, Virginia
The Chesapeake Picaroons - Chesapeake area, VA
Revered Order of Pirates and Rogues - Smithfield, VA

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Budd Bay Buccaneers - Olympia, WA
Lost Boys Pirates - Yelm, WA
The Black Diamond Pirates - Puget Sound/Western WA
Seafair Pirates - Seattle, WA


The Scurvvy Dawgs - Waukesha WI


Beer Bard's Privateers - Kelowna, B.C. Canada


Black Spot Enterprises - South Coast, UK
Bonaventure - UK
Colchester Historical Enactment Society - UK
The Sheppey Pirates - UK
Pyracy - the Pirate Reenactors Website - UK

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