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The pirate hideout in Tortuga was a stronghold for Buccaneers, and Port Royal, Jamaica, was called the "Sodom of the New World". The pirate haven in New Providence, Bahamas, in the port of Nassau, was dreamed of fondly by pirates. For others, Ocracoke in North Carolina was a great pirate cove. Newport, Rhode Island, was welcoming to pirates who terrorized the Red Sea and made their other hideout on the island of Madagascar, while the Barbary Corsairs of North Africa ruled from strongholds like Tripoli, Tunis, and Algiers. Koxinga used the island of Taiwan as a base while fighting the Manchu, and in India, Conajee Angria used the pirate stronghold of Severndroog to rule Bombay and the Indian Ocean.

Pirate Hideout in the Caribbean: Isle of Tortuga, near Haiti / Port Royal, Jamaica / New Providence, Bahamas

Pirate Cove in America: The Carolina Coast / New England

Pirate Haven in Africa: Madagascar / North Africa

Pirate Hideout in the Far East: Taiwan / South China / West India

Pirate Hideout factors to Consider:

Seclusion, good weather, abundant food, friendly or sympathetic locals, ease of defense, long distance views, and shallow waters where larger ships could not navigate were all factors to be considered in the search for a pirate hideout or pirate stronghold.